The company that owns the standard - GMP + International is constantly improving and updating the standard, guided by the fact that the feed industry is part of the food chain. Thereby protecting humans from the hazards associated with animal feeding. Nürnberg Training Center (TBG GmbH) - the world's first officially accredited institute (GMP + training institute).

GMP + is a completely new standard that has managed to gain trust through the world


Nuremberg training center - the first in the world officially registered training institute for GMP+ FSA. Our coaches are leaders auditors and accredited consultants. Who else but they will give you qualifications and practical knowledge on GMP+?
GMP+ session 2022

training sessions

Every year TBG GmbH conducts 4 large-scale GMP + training sessions in different countries of Europe and Asia.

21 lectures, a huge number of practical cases, panel discussion between certified companies and those who are just planning certification.

100% of our customers receive answers to all their questions about the GMP + system, and also find new customers, suppliers and partners.

We work only on the latest versions of standards to give you the most up-to-date knowledge!

GMP + session is

Practical cases

And besides this, a number of practical cases, revealed and analyzed by our trainers on the example of each company, a rich cultural program, a gala dinner-acquaintance and much more.

Panel discussion

A round table among certified companies, where they enterprises to companies which are just planning certification the main problematic points in the implementation of the GMP + system and the features of the certification process.

Intensive learning

21 lectures covering all areas, from manufacturers of compound feed and premixes to traders.

The best trainers

5 days of intensive training from accredited trainers, which are also international auditors and consultants registered in the GMP + database.




Obtaining a GMP+ certificate
Reduced production costs.
Increased staff qualifications.
Improved production infrastructure and upgraded.
You were able to prepare for the certification audit.
You were able to improve the manageability of companies based on a clear distribution of powers and responsibilities of staff.
All students automatically receive a listener certificate, which confirms your participation in the GMP + training session.
After writing the exam, all works are translated into English and sent to Germany for verification, and within a month, in case of successful completion, all participants receive their certificates of auditors of 1-2 parties.
Your internal auditor must confirm his qualifications and competencies; one of the options for obtaining such a certificate is to write an exam at a GMP + session from the Nürnberg Training Center Important: the exam is optional.

How to get a 1-2 party auditor certificate?

After receiving the certificate of auditor of 1-2 parties, you will have sufficient rights, knowledge and qualifications to conduct an audit with your own suppliers.

our reviews

Accredited trainer ( lead auditor: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, GMP+)
Trainer, practicing specialist in the development and implementation of HACCP, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, ISO 9001:2015
Grigoriy Mazur
Svetlana Berezova

OUR lecturers

Team of like-minded people have been focusing our attention on the topics of quality and safety of life for peoples.
Andrii Huzhva
Accredited trainer ( international auditor, consultant: GMP+, FSSC 22000, BRC, IFC food, Global GAP and other )


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