Finally, it’s time to take stock of our GMP + academy, which took place in the Republic of Belarus. From March 1, 2021, GMP + International showed the world an updated version of its standard, which is why the Nuremberg Training Center took it as a goal to conduct training for the entire CIS market. It is nice to see that not only good old friends and partners, such as "Kormovit", "Life Force", "Agrofeed Rus", "Primemilk", "Agroproduct", "Vetsintez", are joining us, but also completely new ones, for us companies such as "ALTA", NPF "Elest", TD "Tagris" and "Biovi"
On the first day, as soon as all the participants gathered in Minsk, we gathered everyone for a small teambuilding, an excursion was organized around 2 large-scale castles of Belarus — Mirsky and Nesvizhsky. Despite the fact that it was organized on Sunday, the excursion was very eventful and united all the participants.

Monday was just a revelation for all the participants and the TBG GmbH team. A visit was organized toBelarusian National Biotechnological Corporation. This is a giant plant, it is impossible to describe this enterprise in any other way. The plant’s capacity is more than 1 million tons of compound feed per year, the area is 160 hectares, during the construction of the plant, 5,000 people worked at the site simultaneously. In April 2021, BNBK underwent an initial audit in accordance with the GMP + standard and already in May, during an excursion for our participants, Grigory Mazur, the leading auditor of Guardis International Certifications, presented the BNBK certificate. Upon arrival at the hotel, all participants were welcomed by a festive buffet table from the Nuremberg Training Center.

Tuesday was the beginning of our intensive training. Already on the first day, the participants received a layer of useful information on the updated version of the standard. In the morning, all participants were greeted by Johan Den Hartrog, the founder of GMP +, who joined us from Holland. In the evening, the participating companies held a round table discussion with Johan Den Hartrog where they asked about the prospects for the appearance of the translation of the GMP + standard into Russian and, an equally important issue that interests absolutely every company — the possibility of the appearance of certified laboratories in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Result of GMP+ Academy Belarus, Minsk

The second day of our GMP + academy was opened by a new trainer from TBG GmbH. Leonid Illarionovich Podobed is a professor, doctor of agricultural sciences and a true professional. They also talked about the use of antibiotics in livestock and poultry farming, as well as alternative ways to combat pathogenic microflora.

The third day of training was remembered by everyone not only by the amount of information from our lecturers — Andrey Guzhva and Grigory Mazur, but also by the wonderful literary evening in a warm company. The invited guest of the literary evening was Valery Bestolkov, co-founder of the Ferment group of companies and a member of the literary union of the Republic of Belarus

The very next day, our participants went through the latest training topics and wrote an exam according to the GMP + FSA standard. After that, all examination papers were translated into English and sent for verification to Germany. While we are all waiting for the results of our exams, we invite you to look at these happy people who have been trained according to the world standard!
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