Opening of an online platform in the near future

The Nuremberg Training Center is pleased to announce the great news about the opening of an online platform with courses from TBG academy in the near future. Our experts have developed training courses and system documents for you, so that you can get the necessary knowledge and be able to use this knowledge in your company. On our platform you can choose the course you need, take it and get all the necessary knowledge to apply in practice.

The order of training is very simple, you can view the content of the course and decide for yourself whether it is necessary for you, having chosen the course, you start training at your own pace at a time suitable for YOU, you will be tested after passing each module in order to consolidate the acquired knowledge and turn them into experience. If you have any questions you will be able to chat with your mentor, the expert who created this course for you, you will also be able to get a package of documents to work with. All documentation is suitable for use in the enterprise, you will only need to use the knowledge acquired during the training in practice to fill out the documents.

Our platform is created specifically for the purpose that you can deepen and understand the processes of the scheme work in the enterprise, that all enterprises can assure their consumers in the guarantee of safety and quality of their product, and we as enthusiasts in this direction are ready to help you!
All our experts have a wealth of experience, as well as have high qualifications and confirm it year after year without ceasing to improve for you and thanks to you!

The first course you will see on the platform is HACCP-online. In it, our experts have collected all the necessary documents and shared invaluable knowledge that will help you in the process of training to apply in practice knowledge about HACCP in your company.

Follow our news and don't miss the opportunity to get the best knowledge faster than your competitors. And most importantly, to produce safe and quality products!

The opening of the online platform is close. Thank you!
Nuremberg Training Center. TBG Academy (online)
GMP+ Academy for Market of Kazakhstan is completed!
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