GMP+ Academy for Market of Kazakhstan is completed!

New wave of study

Learning is always on time!????
Let's start this New Year with new strength and a lot of motivation.
The TBG company does not stop conducting trainings, and invites you to learn new things together!

Training on standards: FSSC, IFS, ISO 22000, ISO 19011 ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and etc.

It is necessary to remember the importance of annual training, since the world does not stand still, every year the international standards organization introduces something new, and it is important not to miss anything. In addition, by learning, you shed light on the questions and problems that you encountered during the work process. We want to say with confidence, that our speakers are highly qualified specialists in their field, and they also undergo annual advanced training, training, take part in the exchange of experience with auditors from all over the world.

Our company offers two options:

The first option is - group learning.
A classic training option for companies that need to train, for example, 2-3 people or introduce a new employee into the core of the scheme.
As well as, you are interested in the quality management system and want to deepen your knowledge, so group training is for you.

The second option is - corporate training.
If you want to consider certain topics, issues related only to your company, you need more than 10 people in training, then choose the most comfortable option - corporate training.
Here you can customize everything for your company: Format - online / or at your company, choose an individual schedule according to the schedule of your company. As well as the number of people who can be trained up to.

In summary, do not miss the time to learn something new and consolidate old knowledge. Choose the format of training that is closer to you!

Follow our news. Interesting things are coming soon!
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