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TBG GmbG in GMP + sessions. We provide quality knowledge in the field of feed safety

GMP + diploma from TBG GmbH – the highest international qualification in the field of feed safety. You can get it by completing a training course at our GMP + session.

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  • The training program will be of interest to business owners, top managers, heads of departments, CMK specialists at enterprises (feed industry) specializing in feed materials, additives, premixes and compound feeds for grain handling and transportation. The program consists of five sections. This is an introduction to GMP +, BA10 Procurement, Internal Audit, New to GMP +, Exam Session. Information about the content, cost, teachers is presented below, in the “Program structure” block.
  • In an accessible form, using practical examples, we will show how a feed safety system should work in accordance with GMP + requirements and provide information on how to improve a feed safety system. Our program includes the latest knowledge in the field of GMP + feed safety and  will become your competitive advantage. The educational process aims to integrate your experience with GMP + concepts and put them into practice. All this ensures you get the most out of your time spent studying.
  • GMP + session is an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills for maintaining.

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