GMP+ seminar in Hannover 15.11.2018 | Technik Umwelt Vertrieb BG GmbH

GMP+ seminar in Hannover 15.11.2018

On November 15, 2018, the GMP + seminar was held in Hanover.
At this seminar, one of the most important trends in the food industry market was raised and voiced.

  • The world’s population is constantly growing, while the area of arable land remains unchanged.
  • Consumption of meat products is increasing every year.
  • There are new diseases and viruses that affect the quality of the produced feed.

One of the main tasks of the company TBG GmbH is to train people and enterprises on risk assessment, process optimization, building stable production chains. This and much other knowledge contribute to the organization of sustainable agriculture, as well as high-quality and safe food production.
In order to share relevant information with our customers, TBG GmbH tries to constantly exchange experience and collect new information in the food safety industry.