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Рre-certification audit of the enterprise

 In May 2018 we were happy to do work for our customer «Life Force Baltic» LLC.

The main task for our team was to conduct the pre-certification audit.

We analyzed the current state of affairs for accordance to the requirements of the GMP + B3 feed safety standard.

Areas for improvement

During the pre-certification audit, was determined the good condition of the feed safety system. The companies have been offered the following areas for improvement.

  • Documentation
  • Procurement
  • Early Warning System


After passing the pre-certification audit and making changes to the system documentation, removing all comments received, the company successfully passed certification in the German certification body.

During the pre-certification audit conducted by TBG GmbH, our company employees fully understood the requirements of the GMP + B3 standard and refined their feed safety management system to the standard requirements. That really helped us get certified in the company GIC (Germany) and audit by GMP + !!!
Vilius Tamošauskas
CEO in Life Force Baltic, Vilnius